Thursday, February 24, 2011

Backup of sewer line

The scope and direction of this web site continues development.  The initial situation was not a result of Global Warming (aka, climate change); otherwise, I could have blamed Al Gore.  But, since the result was a Big Bang to my household, I thought it was a good opportunity to opine and carp about any issue that affects my affable demeanor. Hence, the name of my blog.  Yes, the shitter was full!  I apologize to whoever is offended by the wording.  Frankly, however, s$@t happens!  More to follow.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

trial run

After a great Daytona race, my youngest daughter and first wife set me up with a blogsite.  Stay tuned for refinements to this venture.

Testing this freaking site till I figure it out

So, I'm just testing this out.  My shitter is still full, FYI

Shitter's Full

I started this blog because my shitter literally IS full.  It is.  Completely full. $2,000 worth of full.